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Pride & Joy - 2018 Simple Whatnots Club

Pride & Joy - 2018 Simple Whatnots Club

By Kim Diehl
A 6-part Stitch-Along Program
Presented with the 2018 Simple Whatnots Club

Pride & Joy
Quilt Size: 64 ½” x 64 ½”
Kim Diehl’s wonderful design comes to life with her Helping Hands fabric collection with Henry Glass.

This Stitch Along Program in SIX Parts will be discussed and presented in a Club setting approximately every 6-8 weeks!  
Each session, Sally Malley will guide you through the steps to make a portion of Pride & Joy.  She will also discuss and show the pattern for a BONUS Simple Whatnots Club project (or two!) that coordinates with Pride & Joy.  
You just know it will be a blast!   
Expect great tips, demos & food!
At the end of the Club Meeting, the next fabric kit with pattern will be provided.  PLUS:  Stay the rest of the day to STITCH ALONG with your clubmates!  Sewing Machines Welcome!

There is a registration fee of $ 48.95 for this Program and the Club.  
Thereafter, a $ 48.95 payment is due when the next kit is available.   Note that a portion of each payment is taxable.  There is no fee for the last kit.

Club meetings are scheduled at 10:30 am-12 noon on these dates: 3/21, 5/9, 6/20, 8/1, 9/19 & 10/31.
Pick up your first fabric kit on or after March 1, 2018.
Registration is required and limited.