Color and Grayscale: Up Your Quilt Game by Working with Neutrals!

“I love color. I love bright colors, and I love a lot of color in my quilts. So, imagine my surprise when I found
myself attracted to grays and black and white in much
of my recent work. All of a sudden, I was doing a lot of work in grayscale, and I was doing a bunch of experimenting with the juxtaposition of bright colors and neutrals. Because a lot of working with color is about value, it makes sense that working with grayscale
would provide great experience in working with value
without the distraction of color to muddy the waters.”
Who does that sound like? You guessed it, our very own Sarah Bond! Join Sarah in this very exciting, very creative, very eye-opening workshop where, through a number of exercises, you will work with neutrals to see where they will take you. You will be doing some compositions with grayscale solids and prints, them some with solid colors, and finally you will practice converting those solid color compositions to grayscale
to understand the value in the color compositions that you are making. Sound interesting? Take advantage of this chance to learn from Sarah about such things. You never know where you might end up!

Saturday, 4/6.....................10 am-4 pm

Cost: $ 50.00
1 Session
Skill Level:beginner
Skill Details:Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Materials Included:Composition instructions and Exercises provided by teacher
Instructor Name:Sarah Bond