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Are you a Blockhead??
Blockhead. noun block·head ˈbläk-ˌhed  A quilter who likes to make a wide variety of quilt blocks, who probably collects books filled with quilt blocks, who has lots of random quilt blocks but still wants to make more.

Does this sound like you?

We are participating in the Moda Block-of-the-week Event. Six of Moda's top designers have teamed up to create 48 individual blocks that will be published weekly.

If you’re missing any blocks, alternate blocks or links to blog posts, you can find it all on the BLOCKHEADS ARCHIVE PAGE.


Blockhead Week 32
This week’s block is Dutchman's Puzzle by Betsy Chutchian
A fun flying geese variation this week. Eight Flying Geese in a Pinwheel pattern. This one is easy to make either traditionally, with a ruler or using Lynne Hagmeier's Layered Patchwork technique.
Link to Lynne's block method here.

Blockhead Week 31
This week’s block is Dot Dash by Lynne Hagmeier
A Churndash block for this week. We are getting experience with all the traditional blocks! Two piecing methods are featured for this block. Traditional or modern fabrics will make these blocks your own design. 

Blockhead Week 30
This week’s block is Four-Patch Dash by Carrie Nelson
This week's block is an easy one. Seems this week is busy for everyone! Link to Carrie's Blog here.

Blockhead Week 29
This week’s block is Juneau by Lisa Bongean
Juneau by Lisa is this week's block. Any fabric choice will work for this striking block! Link to Lisa's Blog here.
A cute acorn block for an applique alternative is created by Jan Patek. The link is below
And don't forget, Class Preview Party is THIS Saturday! Call to reserve your Seat!

Block Review!

Blockhead Week 28
This week’s block is Pumpkin by Jan Patek
Jan Patek has created an adorable applique pumpkin for this week's block. Her blog has the instructions for using freezer paper, and you will see alternate ways to use this block outside the quilt. This week is all about alternates. There are so many ways to create this block in alternate styles. The alternate pieced block from Lisa Bongean is beautiful. You may want to create both!
Link to Jan Patek's blog
Lisa's instructions are a .jpg file so here is our PDF file link to the block. Alternately you could right-click on her file and save to your computer!

Link to Block #28 - Pumpkin

Blockhead Week 27
This week’s block is Union by Jo Morton
Jo Morton has a great pressing style, doesn't she! Each of her blocks lays flat. Follow her pressing on the block and see if it makes a difference for you. Link to Jo Morton's blog
Betsy Smyth from the Round Bobbin has been keeping up with her blocks and are featured as the first blocks in our post pic. Congratulations Betsy, your blocks are beautiful!

Link to Block #27 - Union

Blockhead Week 26
This week’s block is Cat's Cradle by Betsy Chutchian
Betsy gives a few nice tips on her blog, on cutting the initial blocks larger and trimming them down after you have sewn them. The link on her blog to the PDF is not active so here use the link below.

Link to Block #26 - Cat's Cradle

Blockhead Week 25
This week’s block is Twice the Friendship by Lynne Hagmeier
Lynne's layered patchwork technique makes creating this block twice as easy. Or, if you'd rather not attempt a new method, choose the traditionally pieced option.

Link to Block #25 - Twice the Friendship

Blockhead Week 24
This week’s block is Corn No Beans by Carrie Nelson
Carrie and the sewists at Moda's "Cutting Table" have created this block for use with 1-2-3 (4-5-6) fabrics in mind. One of the blocks at Moda is Scrappy, Jo Morton used 5 and Jan Patek used 2. Each look is perfect on its own.
Do you have all the pdf patterns?
Last count is 29 patterns 24 weeks! Head to the Blockheads Archive Page (link above) if you've missed one!

Link to Block #24 - Corn No Beans

Blockhead Week 23
This week’s block is Winneconne Star by Lisa Bongean
Lisa stirs her blocks and when she's finished a new block is created. Look at this simple 8 pointed star, for example. A whole new look is created by adding four patches in the center and the corners.

Link to Block #23 - Winneconne Star

Blockhead Week 22
This week’s block is Birdhouse by Jan Patek
Jan has a great tutorial on this week's block. An alternate block was created by Lisa Bongean and the link to that block is HERE
CLICK HERE to go to Jan's blog and tips.

Link to Block #22 - Birdhouse

Blockhead Week 21
This week’s block is Flying Geese Variation by Jo Morton
Jo uses the No Waste Flying Geese technique in making her blocks, with the 1″ x 2″ Flying Geese ruler by Bloc Loc. Ask at The Round Bobbin for the Bloc Loc flying geese rulers, they come in several convenient sizes. If you struggle with flying geese blocks, these rulers are what you need
CLICK HERE to go to Jo's blog and tips.

Link to Block #21 - Flying Geese Variation