About Round Bobbin

A long, long time ago in the faraway land of West Virginia, there was a young girl who lived an ordinary life with her parents and two brothers. Now, the girl liked to do all the things that young girls like to do… listen to music, talk on the telephone and hang out with her friends.

When she was about 12 years old or so, her mother would let her go downtown by herself to the “5 & 10” to shop with her friends. But it soon became apparent that the girl was not shopping for the same things as the other girls. Instead of buying hair bands or jewelry or even candy, she would buy little multicolored pads of paper, taking them home to just marvel at the colors (they didn't even get used)!

The little girl would arrange and rearrange the paper according to hue and her interest in color and texture soon began to spread to other things such as yarn and thread. About this time, her mother enrolled her in her first needlepoint class...and a true craft-aholic was born!

The girl went off to college in western PA. During her freshman year she took her first marketing class in which she was given the project to design a retail shop. Without much hesitation, the girl decided upon a needlepoint /counted cross stitch shop! Needless to say, her project was awarded an “A”.

As time went by the girl married her prince, who swept her off to Australia to live for two years. They had a wonderful time exploring Australia and making new friends. Oh by the way, she even found time to cross stitch, needlepoint and have a baby boy!

Alas, it was time to return to the states, eventually settling in Bucks County, a beautiful part of eastern Pennsylvania, where they fell in love with the history and charm of the area. While they lived a simple life, full of happiness, something was missing. The girl longed for a quiet afternoon when she could just sit and do her sewing. One day, she had a wonderful thought. "I'll take a class where I'll join in with other girls who like to do the same things I like to do!"

The girl came across a quilt shop not far from their home, where she took that first beginner’s quilting class, and she was hooked! Her love for quilting grew and grew. She amassed a big stash, and she made lots of wonderful friends. She even went to work part-time in that shop for the next 10 years, where she listened and learned, deciding one day to own her own quilt shop.

That girl has come a long way! She’s all grown up and is making her dream come true (thanks to her prince). The Round Bobbin Quilt Shop will open in the spring of 2012 in beautiful Montgomery County, PA! Many of the friends she met on her quilting journey will work by her side teaching, sewing, creating and making customers happy!

I hope you enjoyed my little fairy tale come true. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We'll keep you up-to-date with all the progress and news on the website. STAY TUNED! Until we see you in the spring.....

May your bobbins always be full!

Keep Stitching'…